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Golden Bond
Get from 10% benefit

Golden Bond

 Get your benefit 10%.

  ·     On March 8, 2009 Rico Express launched the new product, Golden Bond. People or companies can deposit amounts with us under so called Golden Bond term.The bill  is issued for the term of one year with the annual benefit of 10% in USD and GEL. You can take your money back or just benefit at any time. The minimum period of 10% in USD/ GEL bill is limited for 1 year. The 10% benefit  is charged additional 5% Tax. You can take you money back just at the end of the year.  Benefit annualized 9.5% interest rate devided by 365 and multiplied by its time frame in days. See the example: In addition, we can also offer special terms tailored for different customers in different conditions.

For example, on October 1, 2012 you have deposited 10000 USD. On October 1, 2013 your interest  will be 950 USD (10000x10%-5%).

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