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Golden Bond

After Rico Express became a microfinance organization, it soon created an innovative product called the Golden Bond.
“Golden Bond” is a security that an individual or legal entity can purchase. Due to its benefits, the product is still special in the financial market. It stands out from similar products by its high integrity. 

Terms and conditions

The Golden Bond in the national currency can be opened, if the deposited amount exceeds 100,000 GEL.
The Golden Bond can be opened in USD and EUR, if the equivalent of the deposited amount in GEL exceeds GEL 100,000.
It is also possible to open the Golden Bond, if the amount of available and deposited amounts exceeds the equivalent of 100,000 GEL.

The profit of the bond with the right to withdraw at any time is:
Annual 8% Effective 8.3%
Annual 3% Effective 3%
The profit in case of a locked bond is:
Annual 10% Effective 10.4%
Annual 5% Effective 5.1%

In case of a closed bond, the owner receives only the interest, and the principal amount remains unchanged during the term.
Receiving profit is possible both by cash and noncash payment (on the bank account with Liberty Bank or TBC Bank). 
The received interest is taxed at the rate of 5% income tax. 

Calculate in advance

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Exchange rates

Overlap on the best terms
buy sell
USD 2.7200 2.7350
EUR 2.9660 2.9860
RUR 0.0280 0.0310
ILS 0.6180 0.7580
GBP 3.5190 3.5490
TRY 0.0810 0.0840
CHF 3.0260 3.0560
CAD 1.8810 2.0010
AED 0.6330 0.7530
AMD 0.0057 0.0077
AZN 1.3690 1.6290

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